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Facial Neck Massager

Facial Neck Massager

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At a certain point in life, feelings of frustration may arise due to age-related facial flaws. However, traditional facial devices do not completely resolve these blemishes as most of them do not fit the natural curves of the face and neck, resulting in a patchy result. When a facial tool isn't designed with its target areas in mind, parts of the face and neck don't get the same benefit, causing annoyance.
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The Facial Neck Massager combines a specially designed massage head and high-frequency vibration into one versatile device built to combat imperfections with ease. The skin's firmness and elasticity can be increased by using the device in upwardly circular motions, resulting in a youthful appearance. Allow Facial Neck Massager to aid in removing age-related facial spots in its target regions, restoring the skin's clear appearance.


Versatile Tool: 
With three different vibration settings that differ in terms of speed and temperature, the Facial Neck Massager is the best helper for beautiful skin. Increase self-confidence with a tool that can be used for any skin types and occasions.

Design To Fit: 
The Facial Neck Massager is made up of a streamlined massage head that conveys energy to its target areas. Its outstanding design reaches every area of the face and neck allowing for easy maintenance of smooth and bright skin.

Improved Skin: The Facial Neck Massager enhances blood circulation and metabolism, due to its cutting-edge infrared heat technology. It has the ability to achieve clearer, healthier skin in a more efficient and effective manner.

Safe On The Skin: Using innovations in home spa technology, the Facial Neck Massager is one of the world's gentlest facial massagers. With utmost comfort and ease in mind, this amazing facial device provides a safe and enjoyable experience.

Lightweight & Compact: Because of its small size and light weight, the Facial Neck Massager is an easy-to-carry companion. It can be utilised on the go due to its portability, making it very convenient to enjoy better and brighter complexion.


Step 1: Touch the switch to turn Facial Neck Massager on
Step 2: To switch between modes, press the switch once, in the order from low to high
Step 3: To switch off Facial Neck Massager, long press the switch


Battery capacity: 800 mAh
Charging time: about 3 hours
Use time: about 5 hours
Charging display: The blue light flashes when charging, the blue light is always on when it is full
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