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BladeOne Home Kit

BladeOne Home Kit

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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Barber's Haircut?

Let's be honest; seeing the cost of a haircut is frustrating, especially if you're on a tight budget. But what can we do? Only some people are skilled in shaving and cutting their hair! If you don't have a commendable trimmer, you'll have to pay the expensive barber to compensate for your lack of skills!
But what if we tell you that our Tribal Hair Trimmer can help? It is cordless, safe, and easy to use, saving you a lot of money–no skills required!

Easy Hair Styling & Shaving At Home

This is designed to give you maximum freedom and control when shaving, trimming, and hair trimming, as this innovative clipper comes with no cord.
Easily create unique, trendy, and flawless gradient fade styles.

Low Noise Powerful Motor For Efficient Hair Cutting

The hair trimmer comes with a powerful rotary motor with a speed of 6500RPM, which provides high-performance and precise cutting.
The trimmer is quieter, faster, and can style hair more detailedly.

Durable & Skin Friendly Titanium Blades

Featuring a sculpted blade, this cordless clipper offers a smooth and clean edge for effective hair trimming and removal minus hair pulling!

It's a tremendous stylized clipper for every beginner and professional!

Still Not Convinced?

If our thousands of reviews can't persuade you, our money-back guarantee can be. Try out your BladeOne product for up to 30 days and get your money back if you're unhappy.

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